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Who We Work With

Since we started our Marketing Company in 2022, we’ve worked on a vast array of creative projects with an even wider range of clients.

Icon Foods Logo

Icon Foods International

Icon Foods is a trusted supplier of gluten-free grains and flour.

"Coming from humble beginnings our dream became a reality. What started as a small factory, grew into a brand new, state of the art plant in 2016. In 2017, a second factory was built, boasting a world class milling plant. In 2018 Icon Foods International was launched as a new fully fledged global gluten-free grain and flour supplier."

-Icon Foods International

Stark Logo

Stark Fabrications

Stark Fabrications is an agricultural equipment manufacturer.

"We realized that the practicality of agricultural equipment is not correct and this gave us a dream and a vision to register as a company in 2019, with one goal, to design agricultural equipment correctly and to cooperate with the farmer (client's) descriptions and targets."

- Stark Fabrications

Scheun Financials Logo

Scheun Financials

Scheun Financials is a registered financial service provider.

"Scheün financials (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2022 with a mission to provide quality of service to all clients. As a family owned business we are aware that quality of service is more than just a name on paper."

- Scheun Financials

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